From childhood days of building model airplanes and experimenting with a chemistry set, to her corporate career which frequently involved starting new projects and organizations, creating has been a critical part of my life.

Inspiration comes from flowers - part of being the daughter of a florist, and the island of St. Croix. For over 30 years, she and her husband, Steve (a devoted, hard-working supporter of the arts community) split their time between Florida and St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Other things that turn me on artistically include world travels in the US and from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean. Nearly every creation has a story reflected in the title. As the muses speak I may choose acrylic, graphite or watercolor media, occasionally combining multiple media.

Works have been featured at several juried shows in the Florida Hospital Art of Healing Gallery including as Featured Artist and the Historic Sanford Welcome Center Art Walk where works were honored with People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice Awards. My creations are often included in charitable fund-raising auctions and provided to residents of SafeHouse of Seminole. Purchases and commissions are in private collections in Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Canada, Denmark and Iceland. Professional associations include Sanford Seminole Art Association, The Artists of Ponce Inlet and the Artists Guild of St. Croix. Gallery participations include Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts on St. Croix and the former Hyder Gallery of Fine Art

You can contact me at or view art as it develops from inception to completion at
“You’re About To Put Me Over The Edge”

Primarily Yellow

Winter Hibiscus

Christmas Hibiscus

Biltmore Sprites

Maui Protea

Ranger Mike Patrols the Deep Off Sandy Point

Coy Koi

Sake Mums

Into The Light


Golden Sunset

Crucian Palm Sheltering PI<(1)>s Rock

Step Into The Sea

Ageless Magnolia

Marie<(1)>s Fantasy

Edith Egret

Standing Tall

Whispers of Glory

The Apostle Looks at Apollo

The Apostle Looks at Apollo

PI<(1)>s Purple

Walking Alone

Honorable, Beautiful and highest

For Daddy II

Lily White

Tish<(1)>s Golden Dancers

Follow Me, Get Out of the Rain

I<(1)>m Not Going to Any Zoo

Across Moon River

Please Come Play With Me

Standing Tall

Frustrating Frog

Good Morning America

Emy<(1)>s Bridge


Edith the Egret

Gwen’s Backyard

“You’re About To Put Me Over The Edge”
Painting: acrylic

SOLD - Perched on a slab of stone in a garden pond, this turtle is detailed in acrylic. Matted, framed and ready to hang. 14H x 17W, matted and framed.

This is an original work.
Height 9" x Width 12" x Depth 0.2"
Year Produced: 2014
Inventory ID VN_0048
Status: All Galleries


The zoo has another member, Thomas Turtle, who is perched on a slab of stone in a garden pond. He’s a charming guy who lives in a garden pond at Palazzo Parisio in Malta. He has a certain attitude like all the zoo animals. On the day we met he kept several visitors to the palazzo entertained as he meandered across his stone, went to the edge and ultimately plopped into the pond. The humans stood and watched as though they’d never seen a turtle before and cheered when he hit the water. Guess he’d had enough of us.

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