Teresa J Brown
Professional Artist

Teresa J. Brown, a Native Floridian, has been sketching everything that inspires her since early childhood. Her first acrylic paintings were murals of children, done when she was a volunteer artist at Henry F. Kite Elementary in Jacksonville, FL. Now residing in the Central Florida area Teresa has broadened her artistic skills with photography and with all types of mixed media in her paintings.

Brown’s visual artistic creations come from both her spiritual and real-life experiences. She is highly skilled in creating a single painting— a portrait of a person, family, or pet— from multiple photographs.

Brown’s inspiration comes from the world that surrounds her. All types of environments and landscapes capture her attention: trees, plants and flowers, lakes and parks, wild and domestic animals, and even activities such as festivals, fishing and hunting.

Brown most often paints from her photographs. Brown is also inspired by the work of the master artists such as Thomas Kinkade and others. Always open to learning and then utilize new painting techniques. Brown's work is regularly shown in fine art galleries around the state of Florida. She regularly volunteers her time in the Clermont art gallery and studios. She regularly works with children and teaches classes in her style and methods.

Artist Statement
"I paint anything that captures my eye and inspires my imagination", said Teresa J. Brown. "Most of my art to date has focused on using a variety of mixed media to create animal and people portraits as well as landscape paintings. My spiritual artistic pieces symbolize the eternal yet ever-changing aspect of the wonders that emerge from my imagination. Though I have painted many portrait scenes, I do not limit myself to these. I am constantly broadening my mastery of other aspects of life that inspire me: the abstract, sea, sky, trees, wildlife, and landscapes. The play of light with shadow fascinates me as well as the exploration of color-blending techniques. I have painted on a variety of materials using oils, pastels, acrylics, and sketching. My work is on canvas, feathers, and wall and door murals".
Ready to Strike

Untitled #1

Lone Tiger

Ring Of Fire

Selena Quintanilla Perez

Whitney Huston

Flying under the full moon

Ready to Strike
painting: oil painting on canvas

This painting has a variety of earth tone colors to make it pop with its striking pose. The background is filled with fiery majestic clouds.

This is an original work.
Height 18" x Width 36" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID TB_0005
Status: All Galleries


Diamond back rattle snake lurking in the mist for prey

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