Robert L. Boynton is an emerging artist residing in Central Florida. Bob's artwork consists of Photography and Fine art. He graduated from South West Baptist University Bolivar, Mo. His fields of study were Psychology, Sociology, and Art. Bob worked for Walt Disney World for 23 years 1984-2005. Retiring in 2005 to pursue his passion for photography and painting. His painted frames are a combination of both. The centers are photographs printed on canvas(giclees) while the frames are hand painted extending the photos to complete the art work. Bob displays his art work in several galleries in Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. He is excited to be an artist recently represented by the Hyder Gallery.

White Dendrobia

Blue Heron in Flight

Bicycling on the Beach

Blue Heron

Sparkling Violet Eared Hummingbird

Duck Potato

Here<(1)>s Another Twig

Sand dunes

Bird of Paradise


White Slipper

Nest Building

Driftwood on the Beach

Blue Heron

Boardwalk to Fall

Roadside Stream-Autumn

Painted Desert 1

Blue Heron

Roadside Stream-Autumn

Sea Turtle

3 Pelicans

A Great White in Flight

After Another Twig

Get Off My Back

Sand Dunes

Blue Heron

Dry Falls

Dry Falls-Autumn

Cataloochie Stream


Lake Julia

Roadside Stream

Rome Beauty


PA Mountain Stream

Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Blue Heron  30 X 36

Grand Canyon 1

White Dendrobia
Photograph/Painting Original Series: Canvas

18 X 24 photograph printed on canvas (giclee) with 3.5 in. hand painted frame to extend photo

This is an original work.
Height 24" x Width 30" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID RB_0009
Status: All Galleries


Photo taken outside Mexico in Epcot Center WDW

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