Rama Shankar Bhula

Professional Mosaic Artist

This incredible artist worked in the food industry but when she left this vocation and went to her passion Mosaic Art she did not leave Food! Each one of her Mosaics is individually placed Rice, Barley and other Whole Grains. Some have been died before placing into the picture. Come and touch and enjoy these masterful works..
Indian Bride and Groom

Sunset in the Desert

Mother and Child Sleeping on Shoulder

Mother and Child Napping

Mother and Child Holding Her Thumb

Mother and Child in a Staring Contest

Lovely Lady in the Green Skirt

Little Boy with the Blue Cap


Sunrise by the Bridge

A Bunch of Tulips

Masked Faces

A Couple Branching Out

Colorful Couple Branching Out

Indian Bride and Groom
Mosaic: Rice, Barley other Whole Grains.

A young Indian couple getting married

This is an original work.
Height 16" x Width 20"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID RB_0009
Status: All Galleries



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