Lori Anne Harris (Hyder)
Professional Artist, Art Teacher

Living in Central Florida for most of her life, Harris, has a fondness for the natural beauty of the world. Harris looks for beauty everywhere as her inspiration for her work.

Harris comes from a long line of Artists. Her mother (Sharon Rae Hyder) is an accomplished professional artist and was an art instructor at the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art. Harris taught along side her mother at Hyder Gallery.

"I have been a student of my mother all my life", said Harris, "Much of my training occurred on our many projects together". "The rest came naturally from practice and osmosis".

Harris grew up with paint tubes and canvas always available. "Painting was just always part of my childhood landscape" she further related.

Her "Animal Eye" series of Acrylics paintings have been her most noteworthy work to date. To watch her get lost in every strand of fur is truly a treat. Her love of animals and nature is where she finds her joy; her own "copies of creation".

Harris is also an accomplished portrait artist, she often does commission work for both personal and corporate applications and even pet portraits.

Harris is also the sister of well known artist and sculptor, Andrew Dean Hyder.

Buckeye Butterfly

Tiger King



Red Amaryllis Flower

Luau Girl

Butterfly Moon

Sunflower (sold)

Best Friends Forever

Mohawk Zebra

Zebra Eye

Punda Milia

Zebra and the Fly

Pineapple Paradise

Lost in Thought


Me Self Portrait

Mason, age 10

Jacob, age 2



Olivia Grace


In Loving Memory of Bullet

New Mother


Butterfly Girl

Milberts Tortoiseshell

Red Spotted Purple



Panda Lisa


<(2)>Check Out This Chick!<(2)>


Lola and the King Cheetah

Purple Owl

Butterfly Woman



Less Than Four Hundred

A Birds Eye View

Big AL

 I got you a flower

Lone Sunflower


The Mask We Wear

The Mask We Wear 2


Pajama Time

Out of the Darkness

Tiger King   Print

Mr. Seahorse

Looking for treasure

WHO is looking at you.

I<(1)>m the Rooster in this house

 Poppies and lavender

Steer Skull, with roses

Lillys and lavender

This is my hen house!

Untitled abstract

Painted Dream

The Encounter

Let<(1)>s Go for it!

Cat in abstract

The lost ship.

A Touch of Yellow


Sandy Birth

Yellow and Purple Flowers and Black Feathers

Dragonfly and Cat Tails

Sandy Birth two

Joanna<(1)>s Kitchen

View From Above

<(2)>I<(1)>m Out<(1)>a Here!<(2)>

What<(1)>cha Doing?


Hidden Peruvian Waterfall

Not Van Gogh<(1)>s Cell Tower

A Light in The Storm

Midnight Dancer

Yellow Roses

The Siren



Bonjour Henri

In Mommy<(1)>s Shadow

How Many Licks Does It Take...

We Are Not Alone.

My Name is Blue

Purrr-fect Sunset

Garold The Giraffe

Uncle Tony

Emerald Sea

Playing Eagle Rays


Hi There

 A Step In The Right Direction.

Monarch Flutterbye

Midnight Wolf

The First Day of Forever.

I See You Froggy

Summer Nights Dream

Out Of The Dust

Love Light

Tropical Moon River ACWG

Bonjour Perrie

International Elephant

The Madonna

Van Gogh Inspired UCF Pegasus

Please Recycle!

Purple Sunset

Snorkeling In The Florida Keys

Maine Coon Cat

Bearded Dragon

 International elephant print

The Kiss

Van Gogh’s Cat.

Not A Flamingo Plasticuss


The lei

 Hibiscus in red

Pages & characters from Dr. Seuss

New mother



  Taking a rest

Dichotomy of human nature



 Sleeping child

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

 With this ring I do wed.

Amazon  parrot

A rainbow lorikeet



The dance teacher


Corcodillus Singula Dudus

 Steer Skull with Roses #2

Buckeye Butterfly
Painting in a shadow box frame : Pastel and ink on paper

A 3-D Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia Coenia) flitting above some lichen. Escaping the canvas.

This is an original work.
Height 14" x Width 11" x Depth 2"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID LH_0126
Status: All Galleries


In summer, Buckeyes may be found in open areas throughout much of North America. In the fall, they migrate south, and congregate in some areas in massive numbers.

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