Kathie Camara
Professional Artist

Kathie Camara ("Ca-mare-a") is a professional portrait and seascape artist who has studied with many famous artists, such as Valerie Stewart from California, Joyce Ortner from California and her son Ran Ortner from New York. In doing so Camara developed a very distinct style and skill. She has won a number of awards & ribbons for exhibiting her artwork and recently (2015) won honorable mention in Martin F. Weber's International People, Pets & Portraits Painting contest.

Camara holds many certifications in various mediums and is always attempting to master new skills to better teach her own students. Camara regularly holds acrylic classes and 2-day oil painting workshops for the growing number of students she mentors.

Although Camara is well known for her commissioned portraits, pet portraits and wildlife art, her seascapes have really resonated with collectors.

Camara lived most of her life in Massachusetts and started her art career there. Following her retirement and move to Florida in 2004, she has become very active in the central Florida art scene. In addition to sponsoring and coordinating workshops in the Orlando, Florida area with many "Big Brush" oil, acrylic and watercolor artist, Camara is also the former Editor of "The Stroking Edge", Donna Dewberry’s quarterly online magazine.

"I am elated when a painting turns out how I had envisioned it", said Camara. "I enjoy watching collectors view my work for the first time. Many times I am able to witness the smiles my work can evoke when a happy memory is brought back".

Another of Camara's passions is fine art glass work, also known as "warm glass". Her technique involves several layers of cut glass that are fused together at very high temperatures in a glass kiln to form beautiful dichroic pendants. The same glass is fused into larger sheets to ‘slump’ into vases, plates, coasters, candle holders and other decorative glass art. With the merging of all her experience she is now painting and infusing her paintings onto the glasswork to make her fused art truly one-of-a-kind.

Camara exhibits her work at several Central Florida Art Galleries and Art Associations and local Florida and Massachusetts gift shops and is a member of several artists associations.

Moonlight Sentinel

Day at the Beach

Backlit Island Sunset

Morning Tide

Amber Light

Sunset Beach

The Babe

Lullaby in Moonlight


Fused glass pendant #2546

Dichroic Butterfly Pendant 2534

Sunset Clouds

Red Sky Palm

Love You, Momma


Wonder Kitty

Beagle Pup

Siren of the Sea

Green Eyed Cat

Moonlight Sentinel
Painting: Oil on Canvas

Lighthouse at sea with moonlight glowing in the waves.

This is an original work.
Height 12" x Width 24" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID KC_0005
Status: All Galleries


My impression of waves crashing onto the rocks at the lighthouse point. The waves aren’t high enough for a storm, but the moonlight reflecting on the water is enchanting.

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