Janice Heinzelman
Professional Artist

Janice Heinzelman's EyE CaNdy Collection of contemporary abstract oils and acrylics demand attention. Each is designed with brilliant colors and fun whimsical personalities. Born in NC - part time Alaskan resident. Central Florida.

Heinzelman had been painting girl caricatures since she was 6 years old.

"Eye Candy is an idea I had to focus on eyes as an expression of the personality of the work. The eyes are the window and I let them speak to my collectors." said Heinzelman. "I notice peoples eyes first."

When asked why do her characters only have one eye, she says that its part of the unique mystique and the messages she and stories she tells with them.

Heinzelman truly obsesses over her work. She has been known to paint on the street to connect with people as they connect with her work.

As an admirer of Margret Keen, Heinzelman has studied with Andy Sonnebern in Alaska and Sharon Hyder from the Hyder Gallery in Sanford Florida. She regularly shows her work at fine art venues.
The Little Russian Girl

When I see stars I dream

The Union

Queen of Hearts

Not Picassos Girl

A Girl and her Horse

Artist Original Design Bags

Amy Pond, Where<(1)>s the Doctor?

The Man on the Left


The Puzzle

Extols of Honey

The Beatnik Days

Lets Dance...Tribute to the 80s


The Dream about Picasso

The Rose

Paris, London, Sanford

Peace and Harmony

Christines Garden



Tears of a Clown...Happy Girl


The Girl Who Loved Mushrooms

Dream Girl

New Beginnings

Flower Child

I Love the Northern Lights

Antlers and Curls

The Wonder of it All!



Heart and Mind

On Her Majestys Secret Service


High Society

Feelin Blue

Thumbs Up!

American Beauty


Total Eclipse of the Heart

Mr. Red Bird

Butterfly Girl

Eskimo Girl

Trailer Park Cotillion

Jack and Rose



JeSeeka 2

Antlers and Curls

The Girl who Loves Mushrooms

Desert Dreams


Brea, Market Girl

Fathers View

Michaels Girl

Leather and Lace

She Who Must Be Painted

Fathers View

Time and Space


Gabby, the Real Girl (SOLD)

Of the Sea

Mere Dreams...set of 3

Mere Dream 5...No Worries

Mere Dreams 5...Purple Maze

I Dream of Africa

Forrest Girl

Golden Slumbers

All That Glitters Mermaid

Me and Bobby McGee

The HoneyMOON

Heart of the Matter

Mere Dreams..Of the Sea

Serendipity 2

All That Glitters...number 2

New Girl in Town

Pink Cadillac

Margaret<(1)>s Candy

Sightseeing in Sanford

Delta Dawn....morning dreams

Delta Dawn...early morning dreams

Queen of Sheba

Choose Joy Please

Here<(1)>s Lookin<(1)> at you Kid

Still Not Picasso<(1)>s Girl

Artist Design Earrings

Artist Original Design Bag Just A Little

Margaret<(1)>s Candy

Choose Joy!

Not Picasso<(1)>s Girl II

First Presentation Service

Under the Northern Lights

Artist Original Design Bag The Treasure

Swimming Wild...tribute to the Alaskan Salmon

Dr. Who and the Tardis

Big Guy

Swimming Wild...tribute to the Alaskan Salmon and Midnight Sun

Big Guy

NIght bird...as she sings

Groovy Frog

The Majestic Lion


The Majestic Lion



<(2)>I Won<(1)>t Forget You<(2)>


In The Still of the Night

I Will Remember You


Sunrise, Sunset

Wonder Woman


Good Vibrations!

Prince...seeing purple

Prince...The Impersonator

Dog Dreams

Just The Two of Us

Prince...seeing purple

Rhymes and Reasons

Midnight Rider

The Treasure

<(2)>Who<(1)>s Surprising Who?!?<(2)>

Artist Original Design Bag...Mermaid <(2)>All That Glitters<(2)>

Artist Original Design Bag Flower Girl

Artist Original Design Bag Carlos the Impersonator

Artist Original Design Bag RED DOG

Artist Original Design Bag Peacock-esque

Artist Original Design Bag LITTLE GIRL, BIG IMPRESSION

Artist Original Design Bag ME AND BOBBY MCGEE

Artist Original Design Bag ROAD TRIP ROUTE 66

Artist Original Design Bag PURPLE PRINCE

Artist Original Design Bag FLA-MINGO


70<(1)>s Girl

The Ocean, The Mountains and Other Things

The Wild Rose

Eye Candy Slant

Little Girl  Big Impression

Baby Love

Flower Girl



The Womans Face

The Woman with the Monkey on her Head

The Lady in the Snow

The Little Russian Girl
Print on thick acrylic: Original with acrylic

This image is printed directly onto the back of a 1/4" thick sheet of clear acrylic. The high gloss of the acrylic sheet complements the rich colors of this image.

This is an original work.
Height 9.7" x Width 12"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID JH_0197
Status: All Galleries



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