Alfredo Mujica
Professional Artist

One Life, Several Styles (Neo-Cubism, Neo-Surealism and Classical Naturalism) When asked about his variety of painting styles Alfredo says passionately, "I don't paint what I see. Doesn't the camera do that in a fraction of a second? As an artist my goal is to paint what I think , feel and imagine at that specific moment of creation when I am painting. In that way my paintings are a reflection of my mind and spirit instead of a simple and sterile image of the exterior world. Let's see a camera do that!"

Mujica is above all, an undeniably versatile artist. His classical art studies at the world renowned Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando Madrid, Spain) and his other studies in some of the major European capitals (he is fluent in Italian, French, German, Spanish and English) have equipped him not only with the technical know how to do art work in any medium, genre or scale (portraiture, murals, caricatures, literary illustrations, art instruction) but also the academic and historical background to develop new avenues of artistic expression while his paintings glow as a testimony to his versatility and evident artistic quality.

Watch video of Alfredo Mujica painting: HERE
Sol Pegasus

The Three Graces

Queen of Hearts

Flower still-life

Sol Pegasus
Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

A colorful Pegasus behind iconic imagery and architectural elements.

This is an original work.
Height 40" x Width 30" x Depth 2"
Year Produced: 2010
Inventory ID AM_0003
Status: All Galleries


Sol Pegasus is a remarkable study in layered interactions of three dimensional elements. Iconic and contradicting imagery give this work its contemplative nature.

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