Robert Norman Saunders
Professional Sculptor

Robert Saunders is an American Sculptor who was born in Fairbury Illinois and raised in the Chicago area. When he was 10 years while walking in a field behind his house, he found several old pure clay deposits. Inspired to use it for something, Saunders made upwards of 30 clay pots, and dried them in the sun. Working with all this clay as a young boy inspired him to consider sculpture art as an adult.

When exposed to clay again in grade school, Saunders took to his art projects with much enthusiasm. To the teachers surprise, his clay dolphin sculpture showed great potential as fine art; her praise made a strong impression on him.

Later, Saunders attended Purdue University where he received a B.S. in Biochemistry and a Ph.D in Pharmacology. He continued his artistic pursuits in college. and produced several impressive works. One of which was his interpretation of a bust of Michelangelo which is still part of his estate to this day.

Saunders, then spent 27 years in Pharmaceutical Research, and pick up valuable skills that have molded his unique brand. "In all of my years of research, I learned the value of original thinking." related Saunders. "Novelty and originality have been the predominate trademark of my sculpture work." After retirement he took sculpture classes Barbara Bailey's Studios and the Artistic Hand both of which are located in Oviedo, Florida. He sold several of his sculptures in the Taste of Oviedo and the Gallery of the Artistic Hand. He looks forward to expanding his artistic directions into Bas Relief sculptures.
Red Poison Dart Frog

South West Desert Toad

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Tiger-leg Frog on a leaf

Pink Panther Chameleon on Branch


Panther Chameleon 1

Madagascar Lizard on Lava Rock at Dinner

Magnolia Lizard

Red Eye Tree Frog

Sierra Lady

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Yawning Cat After a Nap

A Terribilis Frog Sitting on a Water Lilly

Angler Fish 2

Don<(1)>t Cross Me

Red Poison Dart Frog
Sculptured Ceramics and Fruit Tree Branch:: Clay

Red Frog sitting on a Fruit Tree branch

This is an original work.
Height 11" x Width 19" x Depth 15"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID RS_0040
Status: All Galleries


The Red Poison Dart Frog can be found in the trees of the Amazon Rain Forest. It is portrayed here on a fruit tree branch. The bright color of its skin tell predators, if you eat me you will die. Natives of the Amazon forest dips their arrows in extracts from its skin to make their arrows more deadly

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