Pamela Ramey Tatum
Professional Artist

Pamela Ramey Tatum is a full-time professional and award winning artist. She is a studio artist at The Hub on Canal, a vibrant art space which she shares with other artists in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and has gallery representation at the Hyder Gallery in Lake Mary, Florida.

She has painted a variety of subjects in her career: portraits, figures, still lifes, as well as sea and landscapes. In 2012 she began painting with a knife to create textured, multi-layered paintings with lots of color. She has painted several city scene series and has painted Paris, NYC, London, Seattle, Tokyo, Dublin, Chicago and more. These paintings are rainy scenes with lots of people bustling about under umbrellas and always with lovers as the main focus. For her, telling a story and moving the viewer is most important to her.

Pamela strives to paint with a contemporary feel and has elements of expressionism and impressionism in her knife paintings. She creates pieces that are modern, dynamic, and fresh. These have become her most popular pieces. She receives many commissions for her city scene paintings.

Growing up with an artist/writer mother was an important influence that shaped Pamela’s love of literature, art, dance, and all things creative. An artistic child obsessed with drawing faces, Pamela went to something of a magnet high school to study commercial art. She quickly realized her love was more of fine art and storytelling. In college, she studied literature, theatre and French and holds an Master’s degree in Literature.

Pamela began her love affair with NYC in 1979 and it's one of her favorite places to paint. She spent a summer abroad in France in college another favorite of hers to paint. In 1999 she spent a year in Amritsar, India, and in 2001-02 she traveled to Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Krakow, Warsaw, and Zacopane, Poland; Istanbul and down the Western coast of Turkey; The Greek Isles; Slovakia, Jerusalem and many other places in Israel; Cairo, Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Throughout her career, Pamela has studied with many well known artists, including Morgan Stanley Price, Stacy Barter, Marian Pacsuta, David Gray, Barbara Perrotti, Dreama, as well as studied online with many talented artists. She also had the good fortune of having representational Master Artist, Robert Dorman as her mentor for two years from 2008-2010.

In her career, Pamela has won several awards for her city scenes, her portraits and her figurative paintings. Because of the high demand for her city scenes, since 2012 Pamela has been more focused on selling her work rather than entering competitions. Her number one problem is that she can't paint fast enough to meet the demand for these dynamic pieces. They often sell before she have even finished them.
Lovers in Tribecca, NYC

Lovers in Times Square VI

Lovers in Tribecca, NYC
Painting: Oil on Canvas

Couple with dog walking under umbrella

This is an original work.
Height 18" x Width 14" x Depth 1.5"
Year Produced: 2016
Inventory ID PT_0002
Status: All Galleries


I love this neighborhood where my nieces friends live. They used the background for their Christmas card and my niece took the photo. I loved it so had to paint it with my signature lovers under the umbrella.

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