Michelle Melendez
Professional Artist

Originally from New York City, Michelle Melendez was surrounded by artists and creative people when growing up. She was fascinated with the art movements happening in the city. Melendez was exposed to many different fusions of art such as graffiti art to fine art.

Today living in central Florida, Melendez focus is on painting completely original ideas, composition and layout. She experiments with layers and textures that are rarely seen in fine art.

While Melendez considers herself an abstract artist there are many deliberate aspects of realism in her work. In 2008 while studying master painters such as Gustav Klimt, her distinct style began to emerge. While not having one specific subject matter, Melendez focus seems to be on layers of mixed media, and cleverly used transparent paints. "My goal is to produce work that is stunningly vibrant, while unique in its composition, said Melendez. "I like that people continually find new things in my work. I try not to make everything ovbious".

Scenes of nature and life often painted on multi canvas works provide a fluidity to her work that seems to connect with her collectors.

Melendez also went on to relate, "I am an observer, I enjoy exploring the endless layers of life, ourselves and nature which evokes a passion for freeing myself through art. Painting is my pure place a place of no limitations or expectations, of self expression in the purest, a channel of the hidden and a gateway to the unexpected. With each piece, my hope is to convey positive enlightenment."

Curriculum Vitae

2015 Solo exhibition, "Art Of Freedom" Loft 55 Gallery Orlando, Fl
2014 Group exhibition, “Primera Expression." Casselberry City Hall, Casselberry, Fl
2014 Uptown art expo, Altamonte, Fl
2014 26th annual Las Olas Art fair, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
2013 Celebration Art Festival, Celebration, Fl
2012 Group exhibition, 57 West, Orlando, Fl

Private collection, Orlando, Fl
Private collection, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Private collection, Clearwater, Fl
Private collection, Boston, Massachusetts
Private collection, New York, NY
Private collection, Poughkeepsie, NY
Forget Me Not

From Where I Stand

Abandoned Convictions


Beyond The Vision

A Deeper Drift

Worlds Apart

You and I against the world

Forget Me Not (SOLD)
Painting: Acrylic on canvas

"Forget Me Not" is a large acrylic on canvas piece that was created with an abundant variety of color layers, heavy textures and natural elements such as flowers and leaves.

This is an original work.
Height 60" x Width 48" x Depth 2"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID MM_0004
Status: Sold (public)


"Forget Me Not" is a tribute to the raw in your face yet overlooked beauty and life that nature abundantly provides.

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