Adriano Baruffi
Professional Sculptor Biography

Adriano Baruffi a Brazilian native, was born on an air force base in Guaratingueta Sao Paulo. Born to a Colonel air force father, he was taught discipline and structure that is clearly visible in work today.

Baruffi was instructed and became proficient in many different mediums. He was taught how to use a brush and how to use Oil paints early, from a painter and illustrator artist, Emilia Moroni. He was always creating ,drawing, painting or building things. From the beginning Baruffi was interested in Oil painting and clay sculpture which he still uses for his contemporary creations. way founded by Baruffi to attribute a new look to the daily routine."

While firing some of his early work, Baruffi was discovered by a Brazilian famous ceramicist Megumi Yuasa, known worldwide, when he found one of his works in a kiln. "Whose work is that?!" began an introduction and friendship between the two. Yuasa advised Baruffi on concepts and encouraged the artist, "Remember there has to be a reason for what you do. Look at the big picture."

"I try to build and draw items that I invision. I do both as an exercise" said Baruffi. "I see conflict between creative freedom and the rules required of good technique. One thing that both sides have in common is their goal for perfection. Which I want to be evident in my work".

"The way that he sculpts alters the sense of the object from its daily use, into esthetic interventions, even changing place and function”, said a Journalist, Robinson Machado.

His passion for art is intended to provoke questions to create emotion and sometimes even shock. Collectors seem to relate and identify with the messages in his work.

Baruffi was invited to show his work in the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art - Orlando Florida USA. His work has been auctioned by the Abrinq foundation and Lasar Segall Museum .He is an experienced pilot traveling regularly around the world, who has experienced many cultures, different scenarios and perspectives.

Angela Bassan, sculpture teacher of Brazilian Museum of Sculpture said of Baruffi, "He knows how to take advantage of the material characteristics of the object. His three dimensional pieces are constructed by modeling additional symbolic elements that have remnants their most original form."

Baruffi is currently expanding his Fine Art Gallery representation around the world.
Brass Match Stick



Sneakers 2

Brass Match Stick
Sculpture: Brass Cast

Cast in Brass and with black tip.

Limited Edition: 11 of 35
Height 12" x Width 1" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID AB_0001
Status: All Galleries



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