The Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art is dedicated fostering the talents and careers of emerging visual artists. Our Fine Art Gallery, Certified School and Gallery Network, provides artists the opportunity to not only sell their work around the world, but to study in our comprehensive Training Center. We offer Professional Art Classes as well as Art Marketing education programs.

The Gallery is located at 111 S. Magnolia Ave., in the heart of Historic Downtown Sanford Florida - USA. With specialized professional instructors, we teach all the essentials necessary to begin or expand an art career into galleries across America.

Home to many award winning artists as well as successful emerging artists, the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art was designed as a welcoming fun environment for collectors and artists alike; truly a Central Florida destination.

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Andrew Dean Hyder

Trish Nappo

Lori Anne Harris

Jesse Harris

Delores Haberkorn

Sharon Rae Hyder

Rick L Davis

Linda Kasell

Jeffery Paul Hyder

Jo Cobean Simonini

Richard F. Parks

Kris Peterson

Cavr Designs

Jerry D Martin

Rita Waterman

Bill J Moran

Katya Hyder

Janice Heinzelman

Robert Norman Saunders

Greg Hostetler

Jeannette Lockman

Lorraine Dell Wood

Gisela Cronan

Iesha Ali

Victoria K Nelson

Crystal Rose

Cecil Herring

Simone Gaubert

Ruth Bowen

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